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Satcoms - 37th Satellite Communications Systems training course

Interactive online course with guidance throughout sessions and projects

September 2023

Now in its 36th year, IET’s SATCOMS course programme presents a comprehensive overview of satellite communication technology and applications, so delegates can learn practical skills required for design engineers.

Spread over two weeks

About the course

The IET Satcoms course was really great as content and knowledge transferred, but it was also the result of fantastic organisational work!”

“Great idea having these projects! Allows you to put it all together on a practical project and on a team basis.

“Fantastic course - so much hard work but rewarding. Thanks to all, particularly the course organiser who did a good job. Thank you.

“As an electronic engineer returning to a technical leadership role, the IET satellite communications course provided me with an excellent introduction to SATCOM technologies, and terminology. I would thoroughly recommend the course for any engineers or managers entering this complex and challenging domain.”
Dave Dean, Senior Principal Engineer, Dstl

Now in its 36th year, the IET’s SATCOMS course programme has the best academics and specialist speakers from industry who will present a comprehensive overview of satellite communication technology and applications, so delegates can learn all the necessary practical skills required for design engineers.

"For last year’s Online Satcom event we were able to have a group of MoD delegates which proved very valuable from our point of view. It meant that we were able to get the benefit of high levels of expertise delivered by knowledgeable people at the top of their field. The Online facilities allowed for interaction between speakers and delegates and there were outstanding presentations.
"Satcoms Online gives the opportunity of joining in this first class event from anywhere in the world, and is one of the most cost-effective sessions for building satcoms acumen. We are looking forward to joining the other delegates again this year’s Online Satcom event.
"We are involved in a multi-£Bn milsatcom endeavour and Satcoms Online covered almost everything we could think of…"
Roland McTeague MOD

"The course was excellent. The speakers encompassed a large variety of topics very well with an intriguing group project at the end to help consolidate the knowledge that had been passed on. Thank you to all the organisers of this course, it has helped me so much in my current role."
Scott George, Station Technician, ESA/CNES Telemetry Tracking Station, Sure South Atlantic Ltd