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About the course

Taught by a diverse panel of industry experts, government technologists and academics, the comprehensive course syllabus is designed to provide the most relevant, industry-standard technical training for the professional satcom engineer.

The course programme runs across six days and includes industry-focused projects enabling you to put knowledge into practice straight away.

The course structure has been designed to lead the participant through each topic in a logical and accessible sequence bringing even the new entrant into the industry, up to speed with today’s technology.

Benefits of attending the Satcoms course

  • Satellite systems planning and a thorough understanding of link budgets and QoS design:
    • Identify modulation and encoding techniques for optimised performance of satcoms systems;
    • Understand link budgets to assist you to sell the service products and better understand what is achievable in terms of quality of service.

  • Spacecraft engineering and operation including antennas and payload design - better position yourself to work for satellite manufacturers that design spacecraft and the payload (plus support communication services hosted on it).

  • Earth station design and satellite applications including access techniques and IP over satellite - so you will be able to achieve the highest (optimised) throughput, customer traffic and select the most appropriate access techniques for a given application to enable applications to work more efficiently; You will also understand better the key parts of ground stations and be better placed to select the most suitable equipment for each applications.

  • Networks and system design, current commercial and military use as well as likely future trends - gain a better appreciation of the core principles, techniques and knowledge required to design complete end-to-end systems. Take away the essential tools and skills to enable you to work across a wide spectrum of terminal manufacturers, platform vendors, satellite providers and network operators.